Many gurus and dropshippers have shifted to manual dropshipping because in the long run, manual dropshipping wins the game of stability.

You will learn:

  1. Briefly what is manual dropshipping and automated dropshipping?
  2. What are the core differences?
  3. What does it have to do with ebay policy?
  4. Tools for manual dropshipping to make life easier
  5. Conclusion, what shall I do as a dropshipper?

Briefly What Is Manual & Automated Dropshipping?

Manual dropshipping is the process of managing store’s operation without API integration including but not limited to listing items, processing orders, answering customers, optimizing listings and so on.

Automated dropshipping, its name says it all as it’s the process of managing store’s operation using API integration provided by dropshipping softwares and tools available in the market and it includes but not limited to listing and optimizing items, repricing, processing orders and so on.

Specially these tools which are known for Retail Dropshipping from Amazon, walmart…etc, it’s recommended to stay away from them and you will know why as long you complete reading.

What Are The Core Differences?

Manual Dropshipping:

  • Integration: No API integration
  • Listing/Optimizing Items: You log in to ebay and submit/optimize the item.
  • Processing Orders: You go to supplier’s checkout page manually and pay and also you take the tracking number from the supplier manually and submit it on ebay by logging in to ebay.
  • Pricing: You update the prices manually using CSV files for example to bulk edit them.

Automated Dropshipping (third party tools):

  • Integration: API integration.
  • Listing/Optimizing Items: You submit and optimize the listings by logging in to the third party tool.
  • Processing Orders: The tool processes the order automatically and submitting the tracking number automatically.
  • Pricing: The tool reprices the items in bulk per hour or few hours.

What Does It Have To Do With ebay Policy?

ebay has it made it clear, no more retail dropshipping and if it comes under their scrutiny the account will be at high risk of losing its selling privileges.

The API automation tool is a fingerprint you submit to them telling them “hey ebay, I do retail dropshipping”.

You might be saying many dropshippers are not suspended, okay agreed but many of them are as well which is an indicator that using Automation API tools for ebay dropshipping will generate more cash for tools owners and dishonest gurus who hide the ugly truth by selling “easy sales and income” and the other indicator you need to think about is LONG TERM stability, these tools will bring you under scrutiny, what if ebay decides to filter sellers by TOOLS THEY USE, you will be one of them. You want to focus on protecting your account, because your account is your income, your income is your life and the long hours and your saved money you have spent or will spend.

Another fact, I one time came across an ebay staff member who is dropshipping himself! This is an indicator they know the ins and outs so do not assume they are bunch of ignorants.

Tools For Manual Dropshipping:

  • DS Titans: This tool automates (or let’s say semi-automates) important tasks like sourcing, listing, pricing and so on without API integration.

    Link: (This is not an affiliate link and I am not affiliated with the website for any commission).
  • SKU Grid: This tool is good for updating inventory/stock levels in bulk using CSV file if the supplier gives access to CSV or if you can set up the CSV file.

    Link: (This is not an affiliate link and I am not affiliated with the website for any commission).

Conclusion, what shall I do as a dropshipper?

Think about:

  • Creating new manual store
  • Converting the store you have from Automation To Manual
  • Consider creating stealth/unlinked ebay account for manaul dropshipping if you are afraid because of any potential suspension for the automated store.

    Tip: If you have multiple ebay account linked to each other and if one of the gets suspends, the other linked account will be at a very high risk of suspension because it belongs to the same person/house.

    Check this video revealing secrets of how stealth accounts work to protect your ebay account/income


  • Take action as soon as possible, the sooner you create alternatives (unlinked ebay accounts) the more you are in power.
  • Learn more about manual dropshipping.
  • Decide if you need to change suppliers, if yes do the needful to have new suppliers.