Many ebay drop shippers are afraid of getting flagged, restricted or suspended for ebay item location misrepresentation but honestly this fear is a little bit exaggerated. Whether you do a retail arbitrage or drop ship through wholesalers you will find the solution here for ebay item location.

What Will You Learn Here:

  • Correct item location if you are drop shipping from Amazon or any retail marketplace in USA.
  • Tracking number solution for Amazon Logistics shipment.
  • Correct item location if you are drop shipping from private. suppliers/wholesalers .
  • Correct item location if you ship from China.

Item Location For Amazon/Retail Marketplaces

The correct item location is USA, Multiple Locations. You might be asking why? Because ebay policy states the following:

I really do not care what gurus are saying, I don't care what other drop shippers are assuming for their account restrictions. Another thing, this was confirmed multiple times with ebay reps. However, our reference is the policy and if you are more comfortable following Gurus you can ask them and I have confirmed this with few of them as well but again, our reference is the policy.

Tracking number solution for Amazon logistics shipment:

Some shipments come with no tracking numbers shipped by AMZL_US or starts with TBA which can be converted to validated tracking numbers for ebay and it’s authentic and it does not mislead the customer at all.

You can use this service here (this is not an affiliate link for a commission and I tested it myself).

Correct item location if you are drop shipping from private. suppliers/wholesalers:

What I mean by private suppliers/wholesalers are any supplier which is not labeled as Retail Marketplace like Amazon, walmart and etc.

correct item location is either Multiple Locations or the exact location the shipment is coming from.

Ask these questions:

  • Ask the supplier, What is the address the shipment is coming from?
  • Is the supplier shipping from ONE location or multiple locations? If the supplier has warehouses in different location, just put Multiple Locations and for sure mention the country it’s coming from like USA, Multiple Locations.
  • Does the tracking number on ebay show the address as per the response by the supplier? There is no way you know this unless you test first.

Remember, the more accurate you are with item location, the more the tracking number has to be accurate as well.

For example, if you put item location USA, California, San Diego 54454

It’s certainly wrong to have a tracking number showing USA, California, San Diego 76676

See the only difference here is the zip code and if you read the policy, this will be considered misrepresentation and which is against the policy.

So, the more accurate you are with the item location, the more accurate the tracking number has to be.

Correct item location if you ship from China:

1st option: Shenzhen, China

Shenzhen is location where most of Chinese warehouses are based. A research was made and understood that most of my packages come from this location. I believe this location is a great option for people who are okay with lower risk for ebay item location.

2nd option: Multiple Locations, China

Putting Multiple locations in a city graph was partially confirmed by two customer agents from
eBay. For me it’s quite strange, but it’s better than nothing.

P.S. I hardly trust information from regular eBay customer support agents from 3rd World Countries. They basically speak by templates.

3rd option: Mainland, China
I personally use this option. I went straight with this idea to eBay customer agents and most of them were quite okay hearing it.

Explanation of Mainland China from Wikipedia:
“Mainland China, also known as the Chinese mainland, is the geopolitical as well as geographical area under the direct jurisdiction of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). It includes Hainan island and strictly speaking, politically, does not include the special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau, even though both are partially on the geographic mainland (continental landmass).”