Lots of ebay drop shippers are trying to adapt to the new policy update and need to have competitive prices, high margins and on demand products to drop ship on ebay. You will learn

  • How to find wholesale dropshipping suppliers for free.
  • Best paid directory I have ever used, easy and quick access to authentic wholesale suppliers.
  • How to look more professional.
  • How to prepare your legal documents before communication.

Using Google Shopping To Find Wholesale Drop shipping Suppliers For Free:

  • Choose which niche/product you want source and keep a keyword in mind to search. I’ve chosen Living Room Furniture.
  • Go to Google Shopping and search for Living Room Furniture
  • Open several stores
  • For each store, check if they have a physical address outlet/shop, if they sell online only that means this seller is sourcing from dropshipping wholesalers.
  • Check the brands names they offer on their online store, check the sidebar or the product page
  • Take the supplier/brand name on Google and if you wish you can add the word Contact so it becomes Brand Name + Contact and search
  • Once you find the website of the wholesaler, contact them and consider calling them as well if they do not respond by email.
  • Tell them that you want to list the items on your website and on your ebay store and indeed list few items on your website.

Finding Supplier Using Paid Directory:

I have been using this directory for several years and I like it, no more headache of searching and filtering suppliers, with few clicks I get the suppliers I need and I can instantly know if they allow dropshipping on ebay or not before contacting them.

This directory is www.WorldWideBrands.com

How to look more professional?

You need to have:

  • Website with demo products which means no real products submitted and do remain honest. You are creating a DEMO website but they do not have to know it’s a demo website.
  • Logo
  • Professional email address.

How to prepare your legal documents before communication?

  • Create your own LLC
  • Get a resale certificate

You can get your LLC and Resale certificate through https://www.mycorporation.com/